Lost in Americas 2 – Mexico City- it was a pleasure calling you home

You remember I said in June I will come back to Mexico. Well, it happened sooner than I initially thought, as part of my “lost in Americas” adventure I found the best and cheapest tickets landing in Mexico City, so my trip started there, with a full 2 weeks in the capital. Continue reading


Lost in Americas 1-how to wake up one morning and decide to live 3 months on the road

Hello. My name is Andreea and I am a Tripaholik. But I guess you my friends know that already. What does that mean? It means I need to see the world, all of it, as soon as possible. It means I get anxious and nervous staying in Romania more than a couple of days without planning the next escape. It means that traveling was my only goal in the past years, not houses, cars, kids and families. This disease might pass, or might not, but for the moment it’s like a thirst that needs to be satisfied. Continue reading

My first visit to China-Dalian and another Galaxy

For years now I’ve dreamt to visit China, but since it’s soooo big, with so many things to see, I never knew where to start, so I’ve pushed the plan year after year. Again work came and saved the day, so in September 2015 I ended up visiting Dalian for a week with my colleagues. It’s a start, I would say :). Going forward we will visit Dalian at least once per year, so finally the Chinese border opened for me and I’ll be able to stop and see different areas of the country. Continue reading

Singapore – From cheap to luxury

A friend of mine just told me he wants to visit Singapore this month, and I realized I haven’t written anything about this piece of heaven, even though I’ve been there numerous times. But in the end I haven’t written anything yet about 99% of the places I’ve been, so no surprise here 🙂 ( New Fiscal Year resolution, as us corporate people would say : write faster and more frequent haha). Continue reading

Africa Adventures 2 : Gambia and Senegal, or how to learn the meaning of VISA need

I’ve told you the story of how we ended up in Gambia and Senegal, and the Gambian part of the trip here. Of course since we flew to Gambia, we had to spend a couple of days in Senegal as well. Unfortunately we didn’t investigate too good the visa requirements for it, but you already read that in the previous post.
Now let’s start remembering Senegal adventure. Continue reading