Sailing in Balearic Islands, or how a skipper repaid his debt after 5 years

It’s official, after 5 full years, Greece is no longer my favorite place to go sailing, it has been surpassed by amazing Balearic Islands, Spain. Don’t get me wrong, Greece is still one of the best places to go sailing, but oh wow! did Spain over delivered, that much that we can’t wait to go back over and over again in the next years, as we feel we saw 5% of what those islands had to offer.
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Sailing In Sporades, Greece – Spring-Break 2015

Here it goes , my first post …. I’ve been stalling this for years now , and how else should I start than with a sailing story ( you might have noticed the background picture of the blog has yachts in it) . I am really nervous, I am not good with words , so bear with me through this, while I learn 🙂 And as I said, my memory gets worst and worst, so I’d better write things down while I do them, otherwise I forget all the nice details… Continue reading