Lost in Americas 1-how to wake up one morning and decide to live 3 months on the road

Hello. My name is Andreea and I am a Tripaholik. But I guess you my friends know that already. What does that mean? It means I need to see the world, all of it, as soon as possible. It means I get anxious and nervous staying in Romania more than a couple of days without planning the next escape. It means that traveling was my only goal in the past years, not houses, cars, kids and families. This disease might pass, or might not, but for the moment it’s like a thirst that needs to be satisfied. Continue reading


Dating while Traveling or how to learn to live after leaving behind pieces of your heart

FB_IMG_1434413388341Today is my birthday. And as a gift to myself, I’ve decided to put in writing my opinion and experience in dating while you are traveling. For some of the guys out there reading this and identifying to one or the other personas, it’s not a coincidence, I am really writing about you:). Continue reading

Personal take : What I’ve learned traveling

il_570xn-132127969I’ve always loved to travel. I remember my yearly trips to the seaside when I was little, where my grandparents were, from Brasov. I didn’t feel the stress of packing, or the nervousness of the trip, rather an excitement that I am moving, changing scenery, places and people.
With years, and first trips abroad, this evolved in quite a disease, presently I can barely stay put in Bucharest for more than 5-10 days without planning the next “escape”. I try to explain this by saying that my life goal is to see the entire world, everything, at least once. Continue reading